Updated FTA Bulletin on VAT for the automotive industry

November 14, 2021Dated:  | |

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has recently updated the basic tax information bulletin on VAT for the UAE automotive industry. According to the bulletin, the FTA has announced a 5% standard-rated VAT on motor vehicle repairs, maintenance, and services provided within the UAE.

The updated FTA Bulletin mainly targets businesses in the automotive sector, including new car dealers, used car dealers, and suppliers of parts and services.

The FTA Bulletin on VAT for the automotive business in the UAE further informs:

  • VAT on repairs and services for non-resident entity

Vehicle repairs and maintenance services provided within the UAE are subject to VAT regardless of whether the consideration is charged to a non-resident entity.

  • VAT on vehicles under warranty

FTA clarifies that VAT is applicable on the sale of vehicles under warranty and warranty packages, purchased separately by the customer

However, any subsequent supply of repair services and parts to the owner of the vehicle under warranty is not subject to VAT, given no additional amount is charged for repair services or parts.

  • Recovery of input VAT for motor vehicles

The taxable businesses in the automotive sector are eligible for the full recovery of input VAT, except for certain blocked items such as certain entertainment services and motor vehicles (either purchased, leased, or rented) for personal use.

  • VAT for public transport vehicles

The FTA bulletin asserts that supplies of qualified means of transport, such as buses which are designed or adapted for public transportation of 10 or more passengers, are zero-rated for the purpose of VAT in the UAE.

  • VAT registration for UAE resident businesses

UAE resident businesses in the automotive sector who makes taxable supplies in the UAE are required to register for VAT provided, the value of their taxable supplies and imports in the last 12 months exceeded or is expected to exceed in the next 30 days, the mandatory threshold of AED 375,000.

UAE resident businesses in the automotive sector may also voluntarily register for VAT in the UAE if the value of taxable supplies, imports, or taxable expenses in the last 12 months exceeded, or is anticipated to exceed in the next 30 days, the voluntary threshold of AED 187,500.

  • Tax Invoices

Tax invoices are mandatory for all standard-rated supplies, and a simplified tax invoice may be issued when the supply is made to an unregistered recipient, or if the consideration is AED 10,000 or less for a registered recipient.

If the VAT is charged with reference to the profit margin scheme, the tax invoice must clearly state the same and must include all other information required on a tax invoice, except the amount of VAT.

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