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A tax domicile certificate sometimes referred to as a tax residency certificate, can be obtained in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the help of Flying Colour Tax, a reputable accounting service and tax consulting firm. The government has created a tax residence certificate to protect foreign investors, residents, and enterprises from double taxes. Any business operating on the mainland or in a free zone for more than a year is eligible to receive a Dubai tax residency certificate, which is good for a year after it is issued. Residents who have lived in the UAE for more than six months may also apply for tax domicile certification. With more than 70 nations, the UAE government has signed double taxation treaties and accords. A very advantageous certificate that can ease the burden of taxes on enterprises.

Benefits of Tax Domicile Certificate UAE

  • Encourages and Benefits International Trade
  • No Double Taxation
  • Legal Proof Of the existing Entity of the Firm in UAE worldwide.
  • It promotes the growth of bilateral economic ties.
  • The UAE has a tax treaty and a zero-income tax rate.

Company Tax Residence Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Tax Residence for Individuals in Dubai

Remuneration Declaration Certificate

Authenticated Bank Statement of at Least Six Months

Certified Photocopy of the Residential Papers (Tenant or Lease Agreement)

Photocopies of Identification Documents, Including Passports, Residency Permits, and Emirates ID

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