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Feasibility Study Consulting Services


One of the leading accounting companies in Dubai, Flyingcolour® Tax Consultants, offers exceptional feasibility study services UAE-wide. A key responsibility before commencing a business venture is to conduct a feasibility study and devise a clear roadmap for future endeavors. Objectivity to different aspects of a feasibility study report can lead to project success. Feasibility study Dubai provides strategic planning based on extensive data analysis for business processes, to know whether they are actionable or not. Our consultants are adept at undertaking rigorous market research to help entrepreneurial organizations and shareholders with significant decision-making. Our feasible study company assists top firms in drawing positive and negative outcomes for a big upcoming project. No matter how big or small a project is, it must be feasible regarding cost estimates, time constraints, and project scope.


Acquisition of professional feasible study consulting services for project planning enables a business to leverage an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Feasible study analysis enhances the problem-solving criteria to conduct business projects without hindrance. Flyingcolour® Tax feasibility study company in Dubai helps clients by offering the best and most technologically advanced methodologies to show project feasibility and outline a business plan that is the most beneficial for the sustainable growth of an organization. Our strategy consultants work keenly with actionable business strategies and customers and are knowledgeable about the latest advancements. From financial reporting and income-statement generation to accounting and bookkeeping services, we support our clients with complicated paperwork.


Moreover, we offer dependable  VAT registration, VAT deregistration, internal and external auditing services, tax return filing, international taxation, accounting outsourcing, and other accounting services. Our goal is to keep our clients financially secure and satisfied with no opacity to legal proceedings. Whether you need a project overview, a target market analysis, or a marketing plan feasibility analysis, contact our qualified accountants and business advisers to produce great feasibility reports that are delivered through thorough reports and presentations. To learn more about our services, contact us.


Different Aspects of Feasibility Study Consulting

Project Description

Includes a list of information regarding how a good or service is delivered, such as the labor, raw materials, supply-chain, business locations, technology requirements, etc.

Financial Reporting

A financial plan for funding is required from start to end, including a balance sheet, cash flow statement, net income, etc.


Identifies target markets, new clients, rivals, the sector, the potential of the present and future markets, and sales projections.


Includes a list of information regarding how a good or service is delivered, such as the labor, raw materials, supply-chain, business locations, technology requirements, etc.

Organizational Overview

A description of the company's corporate and legal structure, which may also include information on the owners' backgrounds, experience, and abilities that will be useful for the company's start-up and ongoing activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

A framework of the project management plan is often first analyzed and created by a professional feasibility study company in Dubai. Additionally estimated is an income statement. Following results of the market research support the study.

Professional feasibility study consulting services include every area of producing a comprehensive report, including project scope, technology, and time and cost constraints.

Several well-known industries are the focus of our feasibility studies in Dubai, including e-commerce, technology, retail, manufacturing, real estate, food and beverage, and hospitality.

Service Spectrum

Flyingcolour® Tax Consultant and J N J Auditing LLC provide accounting and bookkeeping services, tax related services, auditing, economic substance regulation (ESR) services, anti-money laundering compliance services, tax residency certificate assistance, payroll services, excise tax services, other compliance, and CFO services, etc. through our team of experienced professionals. We cover comprehensive and customized packages tailored to your specific requirements.

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