Excise Tax Compliance Services

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We assist businesses in complying with UAE excise tax laws in order to avoid inconvenience and penalties. We aim to develop a tried and tested process to ensure that your company follows the laws exactly. The governing authority, which in the UAE is the FTA, amends the excise tax laws and implements reforms. To be in compliance with the law, you must stay up to date on the latest changes and ensure that they are implemented. Our Dubai tax consultants are well-versed in excise tax requirements. Our experts will review the tax records, conduct an audit, and ensure that tax returns are submitted and filed on time.

Companies that are involved in the importation, production, or storage of excisable goods must check whether they should register with the UAE Federal Tax Authority. We provide assistance with excise tax registration, offer advisory services as well as ensure compliance. Excise tax compliance begins with understanding the requirement, then adjusting your organization’s systems and processes to mitigate the impact, followed by implementation and auditing. All of these steps are handled efficiently by us. In addition to tax services, we offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Our Services Include

    An extensive knowledge of the UAE’s excise tax policy, timeframes for registering, filing returns, and timely de-registration is extremely important to ensure tax compliance. As a professional and experienced tax consulting firm, we can help you with the following.

    Examination of Excise Records.

    Timely Submission of Excise Tax Returns.

    Communication & Reconciliation with Authorities.

Penalty for Excise Tax Violation

    To ensure that taxpayers follow tax policies, the government has imposed late penalty fees. Depending on how late the tax is filed and paid, it can range from 2% to 4%. Similarly, if there are errors in your tax returns, you will be charged a penalty fee. To avoid such penalties, you must have your excise tax payments handled by professionals. Contact the Flying Colour Tax team today to receive a free quote for our services!