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Excise Tax Services in Dubai UAE

Excise Tax in Dubai UAE is a form of indirect tax levied on certain goods that are harmful to human health or environment. These ‘Excise Goods’ include carbonated and aerated drinks (except unflavored water), Energy drinks, Sweetened drinks, Tobacco, Electronic smoking devices, and related materials. Any business that produces, stores, or imports these goods are required to register for Excise Tax in UAE and its designated zones. A proper compliance of the tax rules and regulations has to be followed to avoid penalties due to non compliance. Having professional tax consultants that offer the best Excise Tax Services in Dubai can assist you in keeping up to date with the tax regulations of the UAE and the applicability of the updated tax regulations. Flying Colour Accounting and Tax Services offers top excise tax services in Dubai reducing the hassles and the risks involved in the handling of Excise Tax in Dubai.

Given below are the advisory services of Excise Tax UAE offered by Flyingcolour Accounting & Taxation Consultancy

Flyingcolour® assists in all types of accounting, bookkeeping, value added tax (VAT) related advise and VAT return filing, issues related to Federal Tax Authority (FTA), Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) related matters, monthly account related reporting to management (MIS), payroll services, excise and custom related claims and high quality outsourced CFO services through our team of experienced chartered accountants. We have attractive customized monthly accounting packages.

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