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Overview of VAT Registration Company in Dubai

Registration Services for VAT UAE

According to UAE government law, any business operating there must be registered for VAT. Value Added Tax is levied, on the purchase or sale of taxable goods and services. The income generated by your firm will determine if you need to register for VAT in the UAE or not, whereas, the country’s standard VAT rate at the moment is 5% . You must thoroughly understand the registration process if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to extend your enterprise to the Emirates. We provide professional and reliable VAT registration services in Dubai to assist small and large business enterprises. Flying Colour Tax is one of the top-ranked tax consultation services in Dubai, offering a wide range of bookkeeping services, auditing services, and VAT registration Dubai for any form of business company in the UAE. For detailed consultation, send us an inquiry or give us a call.

Tax Services We Provide

VAT Registration in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has long provided the world with several financial and investment opportunities. The country is a highly regarded vital investment center for ardent businesspeople worldwide. It is expanding and developing on various bases and is on the way to incredible achievements, given that it will ultimately help everyone and anyone who lives in the UAE. Out of many reforms, VAT registration is the one. We offer dependable VAT registration services in Dubai. 

VAT Accounting

Due to the recent implementation of VAT, VAT Accounting is still a relatively new practice for firms in the UAE. A Dhs 10,000 charge will be imposed on every VAT-registered business in the UAE that fails to maintain and submit VAT records. A repeat offense will result in a Dhs 50,000 fine. In order to protect businesses from tax infractions and fines, our professional accountants in the UAE offer VAT Accounting. As part of VAT Accounting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE, we also offer bookkeeping support

VAT Return Filing

All VAT-registered firms in the UAE are required to file VAT returns and provide information on VAT paid and outflow VAT during the course of a tax period. While input VAT is payable to a business’s suppliers, output VAT is received from sales. The balance due from the VAT-registered business to the Federal Tax Authority will be due if the output VAT is higher than the input VAT.

VAT Reclaims

For all VAT-registered companies in the UAE, filing a VAT return is required. These companies must provide information on input VAT and output VAT during the course of a tax period. In contrast to input VAT, which is paid to a supplier of a business, output VAT is collected on sales. The VAT-registered business must pay the remaining balance to the FTA if the output VAT is higher than the input VAT.

Regulated Tax Agent Services

By choosing our tax consultants as your licensed tax representative, you may stay up to date on the newest changes to the law’s regulations and reduce your risk of incurring fines and penalties for violation. You need assistance with tax compliance and planning as a taxable person. In addition to keeping your financial records and accounting records up to date, our VAT professionals will represent you while registering for VAT in the UAE and filing your returns.

VAT Deregistration or Cancellation

When taxable firms cease to exist or deal with taxable suppliers, VAT deregistration is required in accordance with UAE VAT rules. Deregistration of VAT in the UAE entails deactivating VAT registration and canceling a business’ tax identification number (TRN). When a business stops operating, the FTA will cancel the VAT registration in the UAE if it is satisfied with the given justifications.

How Can I Register For VAT In Dubai, UAE?

According to the Federal Tax Authority, businesses in the UAE that supply and import products and services that are subject to tax and have annual sales above AED 375,000 are required to register for VAT. Online VAT registration is a simple process that any business owner in the UAE can complete. On the website of the FTA, submit the online application form and all supporting documentation for VAT registration Dubai. For the purpose of VAT registration, the UAE Federal Tax Authority maintains a fully functional website. The service is accessible around-the-clock via the FTA website to complete the VAT registration in the UAE. Companies should go to the website, choose the e-Services portal, sign up, and create an account. The business registration process can be started after the email verification.

At our accounting company in Dubai, we provide reliable and professional VAT registration services complying with regulatory requirements to help prevent penalties and other problems.

Required Documents For VAT Dubai Registration

  • The authorized party must provide an original passport copy or Emirates ID to establish their identity.
  • The business’s trade license copy
  • Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of the Company’s Articles of Association
  • Company Power of Attorney Certification
  • An explanation of the company’s operations
  • AED turnover over the past 12 months
  • Document proving 12-month sales
  • Turnover anticipated within the next 30 days
  • Estimated annual value of imports from all GCC nations
  • Estimated shipments to all GCC nations for the entire year
  • Whether you do business with GCC clients or suppliers, your permission
  • Supporting records for, if necessary, customs registration in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Specifics of the Bank Account

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