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Flying Colour Tax is a top-ranked public accounting service in Dubai, providing financial expertise to fulfill the client’s needs in every aspect related to VAT consultancy, auditing, and other accounting services. Accountancy is the building pillar for small and large firms, and our top accounting firm helps you build one. Our highly skilled and qualified accountants assist a range of clients, from individuals to corporations, with preparing financial statements, filing taxes, assurance services, payroll, taxation, bookkeeping, etc. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field of accountancy and benchmarking the standards of the highest quality accounting services in Dubai.


As one of the trusted accounting firms in Dubai, our in-house consultants comprises business advisors, tax consultants, internal and external auditors, and certified accountants. Our tax consultants are accredited and qualified to provide their services with complicated VAT documentation, VAT registration, tax preparation, tax planning, and filing tax returns. We guarantee high precision and accuracy when working with our accounting company tax consultants. You can entrust our accounting services with accounting outsourcing and audit services. Our investment advisory is fully competent to guide you through business growth development projects. Working with many established companies in the UAE, we aim to spread our accountancy expertise to other regions and go above and beyond our client’s accounting and business profitability expectations.


While sustaining a business in the Middle East, having a professional accounting firm to handle all your accounting needs will indefinitely lead your company toward sustainable growth. As a reliable feasibility study company and market research firm based in Dubai, we offer expert guidance and accurate research to support your business decisions. Get in touch for further information on our extensive range of accounting services.


What We Offer?

Accounting and Bookkeeping

As a renowned accounting company in Dubai, we deliver professional bookkeeping services to many small and large firms. Our accountants are qualified to help organizations with their financial records with reliable, precise, and timely information.


We provide specialized payroll solutions to firms operating in the UAE. Our certified chartered accountants and business advisors will help you with bonuses, overtime, employee-benefit plan, benefit, reimbursement, leave management, and WPS counseling and guidance.

CFO Services

It involves strategic financial planning and management to help a company achieve its financial goals. Our accounting firm in Dubai provides expert CFO services to businesses of all sizes, helping them make informed financial decisions and optimize their financial performance.

Excise Tax

It is a specialized tax levied on goods and services considered harmful or non-essential, such as alcohol and tobacco. Our company offers comprehensive excise tax solutions to businesses, helping them manage their tax liabilities efficiently and comply with regulations. With our professional services, clients can minimize the risk of penalties and fines and focus on their core business activities.

Corporate Tax Consultation

Our accounting firm based in Dubai offers tailored corporate tax consultation services that cater to businesses of all scales. We have a team of proficient tax specialists who assist our clients in navigating intricate tax regulations, minimizing their tax burdens, and ensuring strict adherence to tax laws.

Internal and External Audit

Internal audit is a process of assessing a company's internal controls and risk management procedures, while an external audit involves an independent review of a company's financial statements by a third party. Our accounting company in Dubai provides both internal and external audit services to help clients ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and improve financial performance.

VAT Consultation

Regarded as reliable VAT consultants in Dubai, we offer extensive tax consulting services that our clients can trust. We provide error-free VAT registration/deregistration, VAT audit, implementation, tax consultation services, and return filing. Many clients need to become more familiar with VAT rules and regulations; our accounting services ensure a transparent understanding of the process.

International Taxation

It pertains to the taxation rules that are implemented across various countries. Our accounting firm in Dubai assists clients in effectively managing the challenges of these complex tax laws by providing expert advice on tax planning, compliance, and reporting. Our comprehensive services include transfer pricing, double tax treaties, and cross-border transactions to minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with local and international tax regulations.

What We Are Known For?

One-stop Solution for Accounting & VAT Consultancy Services

Why Choose Us?

Professional Accountants

All of our chartered accountants have professional education that helps our clients get accurate financial and bookkeeping results. As an established tax consulting firm in Dubai, we aid our clients with the best form of VAT consultancy and VAT documentation services with comprehensive forensic accounting services.

Practical Approach

Any organization, whether small or large, requires internal control of its finances; acquiring professionals to maintain the business's financial health is a smart move. Our accounting services offer practical solutions to individual tax and business tax services. We deliver internal and external auditors and business advisory committees to comply with your financial statements and government regulations.

Dependable Services

We provide timely responses to all your accounting needs. Our certified chartered accountants are well-aware of market trends and offer you precise solutions based on accounting principles.