VAT implication on Mainland and Free zones in UAE

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Free Zone

Free zones are economic areas where goods and services can be traded with 100% foreign ownership. Major peculiarities of free zones are:

  • Attracts 0% tax rates
  • Preferential customs duty rates
  • 100% import and export tax exemption

One of the obstacles to free zone companies is the prohibition of direct trade within the local market of UAE. Offshore companies can appoint a distributor who can offer the goods and services to the local markets on the agents will get a fee in return.

  • Designated Zones

Certain free zones listed in the cabinet decision and meets some conditions specified in the cabinet decisions are called Designated Zones. For VAT purposes Designated Zones are considered to be outside the UAE territory for the VAT purpose. Any supplies between Designated Zones will not attract VAT.

Examples of Designated Freestones are JAFZA, DAFZA, RAK, Free Trade Zones, etc.

Conditions for Designated Zones;

  • The zone should be within a specific fenced area.
  • The zones should have security measures and customs control over the movement of individuals and goods from and to the zones.
  • The zone should have well-defined internal procedures for the storing, retrieving, and processing of goods within the zones.
  • The operators of the Designated Zones should comply with rules and regulations set up by the Authority.


Mainland in UAE means the locations outside the Free Zone area.

A Mainland company is a company which is registered in one of the DED (Department of Economic Development) of UAE which will provide a license to start doing business in UAE.

Types of mainland companies;

  1. Joint Liability Company
  2. Simple Limited Liability Partnership Company
  3. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  4. Public Joint Stock Company
  5. Private Joint Stock Company

VAT Implications

 ZonesGoods or ServicesFromToTaxability
1Designated Free zoneGoodsDesignated ZoneDesignated ZoneNo VAT
   Designated ZoneNon-Designated Free zoneVAT @ 5%
   Designated ZoneMainlandRCM
   Designated ZoneTo other countriesOut of Scope
2Non Designated Free zoneGoodsNon-Designated ZoneNon Designated ZoneVAT @ 5%
   Non Designated ZoneDesignated Free zoneVAT @ 5%
   Non Designated ZoneMainlandRCM
   Non Designated ZoneTo other countriesZero Rated
3MainlandGoodsMainlandMainlandVAT @ 5%
   MainlandDesignated Free zoneVAT @ 5%
   MainlandNon Designated Free zoneVAT @ 5%
   MainlandTo other countriesZero Rated
4From Other CountriesGoodsFrom Other CountriesDesignated ZoneOut of Scope
   From Other CountriesNon-Designated ZoneRCM
   From Other CountriesMainlandRCM

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