FTA Accredited Accounting Software in the UAE

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Now it is high time that every business has to be cautious while choosing its accounting software. It is not “just software“, it is “the accounting software“. As common people, we feel all the same but in technicality, each software has its own pros and cons. Accounting software has a major impact on business growth and development.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of UAE plays a major role in regulating and monitoring accounting and taxation. FTA has approved certain accounting software out of the huge bunch available in the market. This means that all accounting software in the UAE market is NOT accredited by the FTA.

By now, we would have got the point!

YES, we need FTA-accredited software that is VAT enabled to track your business activity and make sure that we avoid the FTA fines and penalties.

Points to be considered while choosing the accounting software

  • FTA accredited or not
  • Software type (cloud-based or not)
  • Features & Customization
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Multi-user access
  • Cloud-based and mobile access
  • Report generation
  • Customer Service
  • Data Storage
  • Data Security

Tax Accounting Software Vendors as listed by FTA based on their validity:

SoftwareValid TillVersion
WayZ ERPJan-2320.1
Epicor ERPJan-2310.2.600
Visual Dolphin ERPJul-239.11
First Bit AccountingNov-
ExpressTXR / Express VATNov-221.0.1
Xelerate for GCC VATApr-232.3
Tally PrimeJan-231.1.4
ONESOURCE Indirect TaxJan-23R12 Cloud-based solution
Sun FacetsApr-23v2.0
Zoho Books (Cloud Based)Nov-22MILESTONE_ZFUAE_1
R7 VATJul-231.39

Benefits of choosing the right accounting software:

  • Time-saving
  • Automated reports
  • Higher accuracy
  • One place to manage all accounting requirements
  • Automated payroll
  • Automated tax submissions

Questions to be asked while choosing the right accounting software

Once narrowed down the list based on the above criteria, ask yourself these questions before finalizing on the right one:

  • Does this software fit the type of business that I do?
  • Do they provide customizations based on my requirements?
  • How many employees and clients can this software support?
  • In order to increase the count of users or clients, what will be the additional cost involved?
  • How can this software help me in compliance with UAE law?
  • What is the status of data recovery if something happens and my local data is lost?
  • Finally, the price should not burn a hole in the pockets!

Still worried about choosing the right accounting software for your business?

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