Commercial Activities Certificate

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UAE implemented a VAT system in 2018, and the economy has become much more efficient. UAE has taken several actions to enhance its tax system, with FTA playing a key role. Having a Commercial Activities Certificate would be cost-effective with large VAT discounts.

What Is a Commercial Activities Certificate?

A CCA is a document that the FTA issues in response to a request from a VAT-registered person and is intended to be used to help the recovery of VAT that the registrant has paid in a foreign country, whether or not a double tax avoidance agreement is in place.

Certain commercial transactions outside of the UAE need the upfront payment of VAT. The Commercial Activities Certificate will assist the parties in requesting a refund of the upfront tax. Therefore, the CCA offers proof that the applicant has a VAT registration, is doing a company in the UAE, or is a government organization.

Benefits Of Having A Commercial Activities Certificate

Regardless of DTAAs, certificate holders can use the Commercial Activities Certificate to receive a refund on advance payments made in countries other than the UAE. The benefits of tax certificates, including the Commercial Activities Certificate, primarily apply to the parties engaged in international business. These certificates allow the holders to benefit from international tax agreements between nations, such as the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA), to avoid paying several taxes on the same supply. In addition, even in the absence of DTAA, the Commercial Activities Certificate aids in obtaining a refund of the advance VAT paid in foreign transactions in a nation other than the UAE.

Procedure To Obtain A Commercial Activities Certificate

  • In the first step, the person who is taxable or the business will have to log in to the FTA portal to apply for a Commercial Activities Certificate.
  • For successfully logging in to the portal you should have an account registered with the FTA. IF you are not having one, then you will first have to get your account registered with the help of tax agents or a tax agency in the UAE.
  • You may then click on the link over your dashboard to apply for the certificate.
  • When you click this link, your screen will display an application form. One has to fill the form with the correct details, after which the next step is the payment will come.
  • You will have to pay online to get your certificate over the portal.
  • Upon the successful completion of the payment, your Commercial Activities Certificate can now be downloaded.
  • For the protection of your certificate, there is a password levied on the certificate, and it will only open when you put in the correct password. This password should be kept confidential.
  • If you face difficulty following the above procedure, a UAE tax agency might help you get it right.

Documents Required

The FTA demands a certain set of documents for checking the credibility of your company or individual. You are only eligible to apply for the Commercial Activities Certificate if you have performed VAT registration.

  1. Tax registration number.
  2. Trade license copy.
  3. Request a letter with the applicant’s signature and stamp.

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Need Help? 

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