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Overview of Business Plans, Evaluation, & Market Research Company in Dubai

Reliable Market Research Consultancy

Our reliable market research company in Dubai provides services for studying the markets of the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, the GCC, and the world.

Our team offers services in conducting market research to order or updating a previously conducted market analysis. The cost of the service by our professional market research agency is calculated individually. To find out how much marketing research costs, click the “free consultation” button, fill out and submit the form. We will call you back, clarify the details and send you a price list for market research. If the conditions suit you, you can order the necessary market analysis. Furthermore, we also provide professional accounting services in Dubai, with excellent VAT registration services, and audit services in Dubai.

Companies Order Market Research Services As One Of The Main Success Factors

Our accounting company in Dubai, offers its rich experience in marketing research to provide the client with data on the main indicators of the product or industry being researched. Our expertise and competencies allow us to quickly collect reliable information on the required market or product and provide it to the customer. Market analysis can be performed according to the customer’s specifications, as well as according to standard services. In the process of compiling a commercial proposal, the cost of research is individually determined for each client, taking into account the required level of actionable marketing detail, timing, and budget. Properly conducted market research by our firm in Dubai makes it possible to choose a suitable and attractive niche in which the possibilities of business growth have opened up. Due to sanctions, many industries already have a shortage of components. In this connection, conditions are being created for the expansion of existing capacities and the release of new products. The market analysis allows not only to increase the share or launch a new product but also to optimize stocks and determine effective pricing with the help of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

How Much Does The Study Cost, and What Will You Get After It?

The customer receives a detailed report on the assessment of the segment, prepared market research analyst including a PowerPoint presentation, tabulation that actively uses infographics. Visual graphs and reliable data help to make important management decisions at the highest level. 

The Main Sections Of Marketing Research

The study by our market research firm in Dubai may include an analysis of the industry, product, and service and contains the following information:

  1. Overview, general characteristics of the product industry;
  2. Volume, dynamics, and balance of the product or service market;
  3. Competitive Market Analysis. Market strategies. Leaders and their shares, survey research;
  4. Market structure by types and federal districts;
  5. Brand tracking, brand awareness;
  6. Mystery shopping, product testing;
  7. SWOT and PEST industry analysis, industry reports, industry trends;
  8. Detailed report on product import and export;
  9. Volume and leaders of production, their shares;
  10. Profiles of the main players, exploratory research online;
  11. Consumption analysis of target market;
  12. Market segmentation;
  13. Competitor data-collection, case-studies;
  14. Concept testing, consumer research for consumer insights
  15. Existing distribution channels (distribution networks);
  16. Shelf Analytics. TOP 4 marketplaces for B2C and B2B market;
  17. Segmentation of the current target audience for B2C;
  18. Consumer portrait for B2C;
  19. The volume of imports in consumption;
  20. Consumer preferences;
  21. Market saturation, assessment of promising niches;
  22. Price analysis;
  23. Conjoint analysis;
  24. Key consumers;
  25. Global market research;
  26. Key constraining factors and barriers to the development of the industry;
  27. Use of Advanced analytics to devise key growth drivers;
  28. Expert forecast for the development of the selected area;
  29. Conclusions and recommendations on industry marketing ;
  30. Devising actionable methodologies.

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The Market Analysis Service is Worth Ordering to Make The Right Strategic and Operational Decisions

Marketing research is required in the following cases: determining the current situation in the industry and making medium-term and long-term insightful strategic decisions. Market research allows you to avoid losses and reduce risks while not forgetting about lost profits and aiding in more profitable business decision making.

As one of the established accounting firms in Dubai, Flying Colour Tax proposes to identify growth drivers and barriers that hinder the achievement of goals, the percentage of the gray market, and the actions of regulators. As a result, the customer receives the marketing part of the investment and innovative solutions based on reliable information.

Our market research company in Dubai offers a comprehensive calculation of the value chain and product marginality – from energy and raw materials to the end consumer who wants to order your product. Our reports cover the following metrics: price uncertainty, regulatory pressure, political risks, and rapidly changing supply and demand. The final analytical report describes the competitive environment, provides profiles of leading companies, and indicates comparative indicators. This data lets you get a more up-to-date picture of your field and make the right decision.

Flyingcolour® Tax Consultant and J N J Auditing LLC provide Accounting and Bookkeeping services, Tax related services, Auditing, Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) services, Anti-money Laundering compliance services, Tax Residency Certificate Assistance, Payroll Services, Excise Tax services, other compliance, and CFO services, etc. through our team of experienced professionals. We cover comprehensive and customized packages tailored to your specific requirements.

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