How to do VAT Registration in UAE

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How to do VAT Registration in UAE

A few years ago, the government of the UAE added 5% VAT in the UAE on 1st January 2018. After this statement, organizations are needed to acquire and file the tax to the authorities. However, most products and services are needed to the 5% VAT. Some services or products are exempt from VAT, while others are Zero-rated.

There are several humans, nevertheless, who still need to register their businesses for VAT Compliance inside the UAE. The number one cause behind that is these people do know not recognize the way to observe the VAT Registration Process for Businesses in the UAE.

If you’re among folks who are still struggling to find the proper process to register the VAT for your business within the UAE, you should read this article. In this article, we can give you an in-depth guide to UAE VAT Registration. Furthermore, we can offer you with information that is vital to understanding for VAT Registration.

Who should register under VAT?

When it comes to VAT in the UAE, there are several questions that go into the minds of people, especially those who are new to the country. The most common question is whether all businesses are liable to register for VAT or not. The straight answer to this query is no.

Indeed, there is no need for all businesses to register and pay for VAT Compliance in the UAE. Only those businesses whose annual earnings cross the defined yearly aggregate turnover threshold are required to follow the registration processes of VAT for their businesses because they are liable to register under the compliance of VAT

Based on the registration threshold,  a company or business will either be mandated to register or, as an alternative, a company has the potential to apply for registration or seek exception from the UAE VAT Registration.  On this basis, UAE or Dubai VAT Registration can be classified as the following:

      • Mandatory VAT Registration

      • Voluntary VAT Registration

      • Exception from VAT Registration

    If you want to know more about these classifications of VAT registration, then you should consult any VAT Services in Dubai, like Flying Colour Tax.


    VAT Turnover Calculation for Registration in UAE

     In UAE, businesses whose Turnover exceeds the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000* or voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500* in the last 12 months are requested to apply for the VAT Registration Process for Businesses in the UAE. Hence, it is crucial to learn what types of supplies are required to derive the turnover of annual supplies and the exact method to calculate the VAT turnover for the registration of value-added tax or VAT in the United Arab Emirates. 

    When calculating the taxable turnover or profits of your business, you are required to include the following elements:

        • Zero-rated supplies

        • Deemed supplies

        • Goods or services that are imported

        • Taxable supplies

        •  Standard rated supplies

      Documents required to register VAT in the UAE

      Prior to following the VAT Registration Process for Businesses in the UAE, you should gather the following documents for effective registration:

          • Proof of authorisation for the authorised signatory/signatories

          • Contact information

          • Valid trade licence

          • Passport/Emirates ID of the authorised signatory/signatories

          • Letter of Bank validating the bank account details of the applicant

          • Certificate of incorporation or registration certificate

          • Article of association or partnership agreement or other documents to        show ownership insight about the company

          • Detail of manager

          • Contact details

          • Physical office location of the business

          • Details of the bank account

        The list of documents mentioned above might be outdated or incomplete. On the basis of several factors, you may also require to submit other documents. We recommend you consult VAT Services in Dubai, like Flying Colour Tax.

        How to Apply for VAT Registration in UAE

        Any business or company that is required to follow the VAT Registration Process for Businesses in the UAE has to apply to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) online through the Emara Tax portal under 30 days of coming under the mandatory annual income threshold. Remember, the threshold is AED 375,000*.

        If you want to submit your application for VAT registration by creating an account for the e-service on the authentic portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Here are the steps that you should follow to create your e-service account to register yourself with VAT Compliance:


        1. Click on sign-up and fill out the sign-up form with the details, like password, email ID, security questions, and security code.

        2. Once you fill out the sign-up form and submit it, you may get a mail on your registered email cope with an excellent way to ask you to confirm your e-mail with the deal for completing the account introduction process.

        3. Once you complete the verification process, you must to check your account by logging in it to the portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).


         After login with your e-service account, you should follow the following steps to submit your application for VAT in the UAE:

            1. Click on the button “register for VAT.”
            2. After clicking, you will get a guide named “Getting Started Guide.“  Read it and click on “Proceed.”
            3. Now, you will get the application form.

           Remember, you  have to fill in the following section in the application  of  VAT Compliance:

              • About the applicant

              • Contact details

              • Details of the applicants

              • Banking detail

              • Business relationship

              • About the VAT Registration

              • Declaration

              • Review and submit

            The service to submit an application for UAE VAT Registration is entirely free of cost, The application takes about 45 minutes in order to complete. Generally, the application for the registration of VAT takes 20 days to be processed from its system of receipt. In some instances, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can also ask you to submit more information required to post in a most of 20 days.

            Why should you consult Flying Colour Tax?

            Flying Colour Tax has the potential to help you register your VAT in the UAE. Furthermore, our experts can help you to clear any kind of confusion with the help of their experience.

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