VAT Health Check

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Overview of VAT Health Check

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VAT has been introduced in the UAE since January 2018. Since then, it has been a rising concern among business owners to make sure they are compliant with the VAT Laws.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has been screening and regulating the VAT Laws and heavy penalties have been imposed for non-compliance; thus making it crucial to review the compliance.

What we do?

Use qualified chartered accountants

Review procedures/policies in line with best practice

Lower cost compared to developing own

Recommend VAT savings / refunds

Random reviews to maintain compliance

VAT Tax Consultancy in Dubai

VAT Input Reviews:

We ensure that you recover maximum VAT input, as per FTA guidelines. We also make sure the amounts claimed are accurate and as per the rules.
Thus, input review ensures that VAT Refunds are applied and claimed in a timely manner.

VAT Output Reviews:

This review makes sure that your business is charging the relevant VAT over taxable supplies.

The VAT rates are of 4 types:

We make sure that the correct VAT treatment is being made on your sales
Error-free VAT? Get your VAT Health Check-up!

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