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Overview of VAT Health Check

Top Tax Consultancy in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai requires registration and compliance of relevant tax rules and regulations to avoid penalties. A top tax consultancy in Dubai look after your transactions ensures compliance and helps managing funds in a better way. An experienced tax consultant will be able to seek out irregularities in transactions and thus help the company to avoid tax penalties by the compliance of tax laws as per the Cabinet decision. Moreover, hiring top tax consultants in UAE enables the smooth functioning of business activities and ensures the proper organization and maintenance of accounting books and records.

Flying Colour Accounting and Tax Services provides the best tax consultants in Dubai, where our experts will look after all the matters related to tax in the UAE including record keeping, fund management, tax registration, tax compliance, filing returns, deregistration, reconsideration, filing VAT disclosures and internal auditing as well as external.

What we do?

Use qualified chartered accountants

Review procedures/policies in line with best practice

Lower cost compared to developing own

Recommend VAT savings / refunds

Random reviews to maintain compliance

VAT Tax Consultancy in Dubai

VAT Input Reviews:

We ensure that you recover maximum VAT input, as per FTA guidelines. We also make sure the amounts claimed are accurate and as per the rules.
Thus, input review ensures that VAT Refunds are applied and claimed in a timely manner.

VAT Output Reviews:

This review makes sure that your business is charging the relevant VAT over taxable supplies.

The VAT rates are of 4 types:

We make sure that the correct VAT treatment is being made on your sales
Error-free VAT? Get your VAT Health Check-up!

Flyingcolour® Tax Consultant and J N J Auditing LLC provide Accounting and Bookkeeping services, Tax related services, Auditing, Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) services, Anti-money Laundering compliance services, Tax Residency Certificate Assistance, Payroll Services, Excise Tax services, other compliance, and CFO services, etc. through our team of experienced professionals. We cover comprehensive and customized packages tailored to your specific requirements.

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